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This morning USA Today surveys which ZIP codes are giving the most to presidential wannabes, and coming in at No. 31 on the list of top-contributing ZIP codes is 75205 -- which, in case you're new 'round these here parts, resides "north of downtown, including Highland Park and the Dallas Country Club, [and] Southern Methodist University, where President Bush hopes to build his library, is here." The most notable notables the paper could cough up were George Killebrew, senior VP of corporate sponsorships for Your Dallas Mavericks, and attorney Russell Budd (whose firm's Web site appears to have been hijacked?).

There are plenty of other well-known folks residing in the '205, sure, but you could always kill an hour -- like I, uh, did this morning -- by using the same search engine as USA Today. Like, did you know Ron Kirk really likes Barack Obama? Or that Don Henley doesn't donate using his Dallas address? Or that ... I must have something better to do. --Robert Wilonsky

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