C.J. Wilson Has An Ax to Grind

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Texas Rangers lefty C.J. Wilson is already Major League Baseball's best blogger. Now, he insists he's Major League Baseball's Guitar Hero. Unfair Park just got a press release from the Rangers, in which Wilson throws out this challenge: Thirty-two contestants will get the opportunity to strap it on against Wilson, Kameron Loe, Jason Botts and Wes Littleton in a Guitar Hero tournament next Monday at the House of Blues. The prize -- and I guess you could call it that, despite Texas being 194 games out of first -- will be a suite to an upcoming Rangers game.

You gotta win a slot to play; Live 105.3 is the co-sponsor of the event, and you'll need to tune in before you virtually tune up. It'll be a bracket-style competition, with the four top finishers getting a chance to face off against the Rangers' fearsome foursome. --Robert Wilonsky

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