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We can think of a million questions for Jon Daniels, none of which we'd care to repeat in public at the moment.

Got any questions for Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels? And, no, "How do you keep your job?" is not acceptable in this instance -- at least, not if you want your question used on FSN Southwest Thursday night. That's when Daniels joins Tom Grieve and Victor Rojas for a so-called "live chat" with fans -- during the second inning of the game against the Chicago White Sox on August 30. Only, it's not so live: The team's gathering questions and filtering 'em before they ever reach air, and Daniels will likely have time to prep his response. The game, Friends, sounds like it's been fixed.

To ask Daniels a question, just go here; fastballs are appreciated, though a good curve's always better. And, lucky you, "participants whose questions are read on-air will receive two vouchers for an upcoming Rangers 2007 home game," reads the press release. That's some enticement. --Robert Wilonsky

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