See You Tomorrow Night, Right? Right.

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Merritt Martin
The Valentines broke plenty o' hearts -- oooof -- at the Greenville Avenue Public House Saturday night.

Saturday night's Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase was a humdinger -- top-notch performances in packed-to-the-rafters venues full of sweaty drunks, and, really, what more could you want? But remember, don't ditch your red wristbands: They'll get you into tomorrow night's Dallas Observer Music Awards ceremony at the Granada Theater, which kicks off at 8 p.m. and promises to be an affair to remember.

But if you couldn't make it Saturday night -- like, oh, you had some family obligation, ahem -- well, fret not: You can pick up tickets at Unfair Park HQ today and tomorrow, or hope there are some left at Granada will call tomorrow night. And did I mention that Bottle Rocket's Bob Musgrave, former KTVT-Channel 11 anchor-reporter Sarah Dodd and her husband will be presenting some awards tomorrow night? No? Well, now I did. And, once more, here's a sneak peek at what tomorrow night promises: "Paradise," indeed. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

Chris Holt and Jen Nabb (featuring Mike Rhyner), "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" (Meat Loaf cover)

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