This City's on Fire!

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Yet again, one month to the day since the last one, through the windows of Unfair Park HQ at Maple and Oak Lawn we spy a mammoth plume of smoke rising from near downtown. (Says here it's from an explosion near Industrial Boulevard and Stemmons Freeway. Says a colleague with a friend who owns a nearby Tejano bar, there are gas tanks used for welding stored next to the fire -- and they've been blowing up with some regularity, if the flames evident from our window are any evidence.) Gee, this city seems to catch on fire a lot since Tom Leppert became mayor. Coincidence? --Robert Wilonsky

Update: We now turn over coverage of this event to the professionals at capturing destruction and chaos: KDFW-Channel 4.

Update Numero Dos: A Unfair Parker's roomie sends many pics taken from the South Side of Lamar rooftop, including the one just above this update. Great pics here too.

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