Lunchtime Dot Race, Anyone?

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Unfair Park HQ is just a few stop lights away from the new Texas Rangers store on McKinney Ave., so maybe you'll see us there this afternoon for an, ahem, historic occasion: "the first ever LIVE dot race outside Rangers Ballpark," promises the press release the very persistent Rangers Communication Department keeps sending our way. (Uncle, already!)

But if you do stop by between noon and 3 p.m., you may get to meet the greatest of all Rangers: ballpark announcer and VP of Entertainment & Marketing Chuck Morgan. Oh, and pitchers Brandon McCarthy and C.J. Wilson and outfielder Marlon Byrd will also be there signing autographs, from noon till 1:30; wonder if McCarthy's a bigger draw than the promise of ballpark food. I still have a Doug Rader autographed ball somewhere in my closet; if you want it, meet me at the next-door smoke shop 'round 1:26. --Robert Wilonsky

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