Wick 'n' Jim

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In case you needed proof that the whole Jim Schutze-Wick Allison feud is entirely staged, WWE-style, and intended solely to drum up biz for the blogs, here's a pic from last weekend's shindig celebrating the hitchin' of D mag's Paul Kix and Daily Candy's Sonya Castex.

That's Wick in the middle, dressed in his tony Park Cities uni, and the far more comfy and casual Jim at right. Says Jim, just before our very own Merritt Martin took this pic, Wick confided in him that Angela Hunt's Trinity toll road petition drive was "a smashing idea, old chap." And over Wick's shoulder, that's Texas Monthly's Skip Hollandsworth, wondering how he got invited in the first place and whether he can refresh your drink for ya. --Robert Wilonsky

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