Waste, Want Not

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A Friend of Unfair Park points us to this press release from the Trinity River Authority of Texas, posted this afternoon, in which the TRA spills some bad news involving the river and the rain. The headline says it all: "Heavy Rainfall Produces Wastewater Collection Line Over Flows." A highlight:

The Farmers Branch location was from a Junction Box in the vicinity of IH-635 and Luna Road. From 10 AM on June 27 to 4 PM June 27, an estimated 360,000 gallons had escaped from the collection line.

The Irving location was from a lift station in the vicinity of Century Boulevard and International Parkway. From approximately 7 AM on June 27 until 4 PM June 27, an estimated total of 121,000 was released from this location.

Ah, but worry not: "Planning, design and construction is under way to provide better service to facilities in this area." Um...great? --Robert Wilonsky

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