The Good, the Bad and the Fugly

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A trio of late-lunch items for your light reading pleasure:

It's bad enough that's running what appears to be either a bloody-nose or Hitler-mustache mugshot of 75-year-old Jason Sowell Jr., who's been popped for selling drugs out of his Beverly Drive home. But then Brad Watson has to go and add this last sentence on top of it: "Police said while there were also several guns and sexually explicit material at the home, none of it appeared illegal." C'mon, Brad, you could say that about everyone in Highland Park, right?

And what two words can crush a Texas Rangers fan's spirit? Well, besides "Texas Rangers." And "Jon Daniels." And "Tom Hicks." And... OK, fine. I'm talking one-time phenom prospect Ruben Mateo. And our old pal Jamey Newberg has posted a look back at the trade that almost was over at You remember -- Mateo, Esteban Loaiza and Jonathan Johnson in exchange for Roger Clemens? Oh, you've tried to forget about it? Sorry.

And Chevelle has recovered two of the 14 guitars and other instruments the band had stolen during its trip to Dallas last month. Says drummer Sam Loeffler: "We got about half of it back," he said. "It's cool because it's kind of like Christmas, only really weirder. People have been calling us and saying, 'Hey, I bought this or that,' and you know, we're just doing our best to buy it back from them." --Robert Wilonsky

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