See, Houston Does Want to Be Like Dallas

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Important Moments in Dallas-Houston History: Doug Cosbie says hi to Dan Pastorini.

At least, Houston wants to be like us when it comes to the success (more or less -- sorry, Ed Oakley) Democrats have had at the polls in recent elections. Reports the Houston Chronicle this a.m.:

Democrats in Harris County have been eyeing Dallas County since last November, when their counterparts recaptured every countywide seat. The locals hope to mirror that success here.

"I've had extensive conversations with Dallas about what their strategy was," Harris County Democratic Party Chair Gerald Birnberg said. "I believe we can replicate that here in Harris County and intend to do so."

And down in Houston, at least one person's hoping a loss can lead to a win: City Controller Annise Parker, who became that city's first openly gay elected official when she won a seat on the city council 10 years ago. Parker's considering a run at the mayor's office in two years. --Robert Wilonsky

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