PAC It Up, People

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This is the board of directors of Heritage Alliance. In case you were wondering.

One of the two guys running for mayor is gay, though damned if I can tell which one. Good thing Reuters is bringing up the rear today in the parade of "Ed Oakley is gay" articles. Still, this one is a little different, if only because Ed Stoddard spoke with Heritage Alliance's vice president M. Clare Jones about those phone calls her organization placed last weekend warning Dallasites that Tom Leppert's a straight white Christian male.

"We did not feel that the majority of voters knew Ed Oakley was a homosexual, and we felt we needed to alert voters to that," says Jones. Because if you're a PAC with just $88,000 in the bank with which "to restore principles of free enterprise, limited government, limited taxation, and our traditional Judeo-Christian heritage in government," then absolutely you should use a few of them bucks to monger some hate. Because that's very Judeo-Christian of you, speaking as a Judeo. --Robert Wilonsky

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