Jumping Through Hoop

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Jesca Hoop, touring with the Spree beginning tomorrow night, won't be anyone's opening act for long.

If you're heading to the Polyphonic Spree show tomorrow night at the Granada, be sure to get there early -- between 7:30 p.m. and 8 would be about right. Normally we skip opening acts, but the Spree has booked for this Fragile Army tour an intriguing artist: Jesca Hoop, who, at the moment, is perhaps best known for once having been the nanny to Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan's three kiddos. She's also an wondrous singer-torch-songwriter, with a debut (Kismet) forthcoming later this year worth a few dozen spins.

There's no reason not to get to know Hoop before tomorrow night: Here's an estimable collection of her live work for you to sample, a trio of songs from her upcoming disc are available on her MySpace page, two more tracks can be found here (including the KCRW-approved "hit" "Seed of Wonder"), here are some radio-broadcast tracks, and below we've included the new video for her song "Big Fish."

And before the Spree hit the stage around 10ish, the band will screen its 52-minute making-of-Fragile Army doc, titled Raise Your Ears And Hold On To Your Heart, clips from which you'll find here, here, here and here. Non-believers need not apply. --Robert Wilonsky

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