Jennifer Aniston to Make Texas Girls-in-Prison Pic. Dreams, You Have Been Answered.

It was only a matter of time before a studio or Hollywood production company turned this Skip Hollandsworth article into a movie. Turns out, according to The Los Angeles Times, it'll be Jennifer Aniston who's producing and likely starring in Goree Girls for DreamWorks Pictures, about an infamous all-female country act from 'round these here parts whose members spent a little time in our state's finer prisons. Reports the paper:

Aniston will be joined by seven other singin' and pickin' actresses cast as part of the Goree All Girl String Band, which is remembered as the Dixie Chicks of its day for the radio performances it put on from a Texas music hall.

Aniston and her producing partner, Kristin Hahn, hired Margaret Nagle (HBO's Warm Springs) to adapt the screenplay from a Texas Monthly article. DreamWorks, Aniston and Hahn have sent the script out in search of a director with no scheduled production start to date.

The group of eight female Texas prisoners performed live every Wednesday evening in the early 1940s to an estimated 7 million Americans tuned into radio station WBAP-AM in Fort Worth.

Thanks to Grits for Breakfast for the heads-up this a.m. --Robert Wilonsky

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