Home Sweet Auctioned-Off Home

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Seriously, is it us, or does this Frisco joint look like something worth picking up at auction? Because we've got $139 right now...

Looking for, oh, I dunno, a summer McMansion in DeSoto or Frisco? Or a hideout apartment in Garland? Or maybe just a modest homestead in South Dallas? All that and more can be yours, yours and yours beginning next Monday, when Hudson & Marshall starts auctioning off foreclosed houses available for pennies, dimes and quarters on the dollars throughout the state.

The local sell-off takes place June 24 at the Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport, which is located here; here's a catalog of what's up for bid. And here's a list of your other Texas auctions, should you find yourself needing a canal-lot home with a wine cellar in the Village of Tiki any time soon. --Robert Wilonsky

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