Doing Some Quick Math

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Matt Pulle's scouring over spreadsheets at the moment, and he's discovered that while Tom Leppert's pulling in the Northern sector and Ed Oakley's doing well south of I-30, Leppert's still managing to keep it respectable in the Southern sector. In a number of individual northern precincts during early voting, Leppert won with anywhere from 50- to 75-vote margins, whereas in the Southern sector, Oakley took about 90 percent of the precincts, but with far fewer votes.

For instance, in Precinct 3342-5759 in Southern Dallas, Oakley won the early voting, but by a slim margin: 61 votes to Leppert's 54. And in other precincts in the south, the margins were about the same -- a handful of votes. But if you go to Precinct 1115-5122, which is in Mitchell Rasansky's district in Northwest Dallas, Leppert won 158 to 27. Matt wonders: "What exactly do people pay Kathy Neely for, anyway?" --Robert Wilonsky

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