Dead Dallas? More 'n Likely.

For more than a year it's been a constant will-they-or-won't-they tug o' war over the making of the big-screen Dallas. First the city, including the mayor, begged producers to shoot J.R. in Dallas, since, at the time, there wasn't any official state dough in it for the studio. Then directors and screenwriters changed. Then the cast flipped and flopped. And then came word only a few days ago that the movie was dead -- again. And the source on the latest rumors of the movie's demise was none other than Larry Hagman hisself, who told Dutch TV earlier this week that he'd been told it was adiosed for good, Makes sense: New Regency, who was making the movie, no longer features it as a coming attraction.

Only this site -- UltimateDallas -- says it's still a go: "A representative from New Regency, the production company behind the movie, informed that the project is 'still active,' but had no further comment at this point." Which means you will never hear about Dallas the movie ever, ever again. Maybe. --Robert Wilonsky

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