Dallas Theater Center Will Name a New Artistic Director On Wednesday

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So mark your calendars -- and it's at 9 a.m., to be precise, so don't be late. It's been 10 months since Richard Hamburger announced he was stepping down after nearly 15 years as the DTC's artistic director -- a decision many insiders viewed as more than a little odd, as he was only two years out from the DTC's moving into its new home, the Charles and Dee Wyly Theatre in the new Dallas Center for the Performing Arts downtown, where the announcement will be made Wednesday morning. But as Hamburger told our Elaine Liner on August 15, "I'm at the end of my contract and just felt like it was time to reassess and perhaps move on."

So who's the new guy or gal? DTC won't say, of course; that'd make the press conference a little anti-climactic. --Robert Wilonsky

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