Cuban v. Nellie, Round Two

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Former Mavs coach Don Nelson says Mark Cuban owes him millions in back pay -- $6.6 million, to be precise, in a legal battle that just got a little uglier. Reports the San Francisco Chronicle today, Cuban's firing back at his former head coach by claiming in a countersuit that Nellie "violated his non-compete clause by using insider information against Dallas during the playoffs," which would explain that first-round bounce better than anything else we've heard thus far.

Says Nellie's attorney: "I suppose if Don knows that [Dirk] Nowitzki likes to go to his right and not his left, that that is confidential information as far as Cuban is concerned. We disagree and think it's absurd." Says Cuban: "We will let the lawyers sort it out." Oh, and if you have Mavs draft news, please keep it to yourself till Dallas wins 82 games next season, goes undefeated through the playoffs and wins the NBA title in, oh, five. Till then, not really that interested. --Robert Wilonsky

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