Sea Otter on the Loose!

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The missus just called from the Dallas World Aquarium, where officials have just closed off part of the Orinoco -- because a sea otter's gotten loose! Yup, seems Muneca jumped the fence on the backside of his (her?) tank and is running through the open public area, and actually put its hands on a kid right in front of the missus' best friends. Muneca, beware -- remember Jabari! --Robert Wilonsky

Update: The missus says the sea otter's back where it belongs, and that it didn't touch a kid after all -- turns out, it actually scratched a teacher there on a class field trip. And DWA officials only got Muneca back in its tank after first hustling it into the ladies' restroom, where they checked her out and calmed her down. Because that's what the ladies' bathroom's for. And, well, because Muneca is a lady sea otter.

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