Preservation Dallas Lists More Endangered Properties. Maybe Your Neighborhood's On It.

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The Alamo Plaza Courts Motel on Fort Worth Avenue made Preservation Dallas' endangered list this week.

Tomorrow, Preservation Dallas will hold a press conference announcing its list of Dallas' most endangered properties and resources -- and it's a fascinating list this time around. There are entire neighborhoods on the list this year -- including not only Deep Ellum (you just knew this would make the list, right?), but also the Northwest Dallas neighborhood called Midway Hollow (which is bound by Walnut Hill Lane, Marsh Lane, Northwest Highway and Midway Road). Like much of Northwest Dallas, Midway Hills is suffering from a massive amount of homes being torn down and replaced with generic mini-McMansions that might be good for the hood if developers actually made them look like they were part of the neighborhood rather than random stackings of bricks.

There are churches and cemetaries and schools and libraries on this list this year, as well as the buildings surrounding the Main Street Garden downtown. Also making the list: those old motor hotels along Fort Worth Avenue, among them the Alamo Plaza Courts Motel, the Mission Motel and the Ranch Motel. Says Steve Whitcraft, president of Preservation Dallas: “This announcement focuses on assets in every part of Dallas that are vulnerable to new development or willful demolition. It’s important to recognize their value, and strike a balance between progress and preservation that will affect generations to come." The full release and list is after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

May 16, 2007 --- Each year the city of Dallas loses historic buildings, sites and places that are significant to its past. As part of National Historic Preservation Month, Preservation Dallas is issuing its annual list of Dallas’ most endangered historic resources.

The 2007 list includes significant places of worship and study, threatened residential neighborhoods and individual homes, and significant collections of early 20th century commercial buildings in and near the central business district. The list also includes the city’s tax incentive program that supports the renovation of historic properties.

“This year’s endangered list recognizes the many significant properties that are irreplaceable for our city, said Steve Whitcraft, president of Preservation Dallas. “This announcement focuses on assets in every part of Dallas that are vulnerable to new development or willful demolition. It’s important to recognize their value, and strike a balance between progress and preservation that will affect generations to come,” he said.

Preservation Dallas uses the endangered list to raise awareness with the public, development community and city officials about the threats to historic properties. The nominations are solicited from citizens and hundreds of Preservation Dallas members.

Four of the properties listed on last year’s endangered list have been saved and are being renovated by individuals and organizations. They include the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and Academy on Swiss Avenue, the Shiels House on Reiger Avenue, the Baldwin House on Bryan Parkway, and the Nurses Home at Old Parkland Hospital.

“It’s clear that this effort can be successful in addressing preservation issues before neglect and development pressures get out of hand. It is up to all of us to find cooperative and innovative ways to preserve these properties,” said Katherine Seale, acting executive director of Preservation Dallas.

The 2007 list of Dallas’ Most Endangered Historic Resources include:

Buildings surrounding the proposed site of Main Street Garden
Location: Main, Commerce, S. Harwood and St. Paul streets
Threat: Lack of Adequate Parking

Deep Ellum
Location: Commerce, Elm, and Main streets
Threat: Demolition and Incompatible New Construction

Midway Hollow Neighborhood
Location: Walnut Hill, Northwest Highway, Marsh, and Midway
Threat: Teardowns and Incompatible New Construction

Ft. Worth Avenue’s motor-court motels
Alamo Plaza Courts Motel, The Mission Motel, The Ranch Motel
Location: 712 Ft. Worth Avenue, 514 W. Commerce, 1839 Ft. Worth Avenue
Threat: Neglect and Development Pressure

Davey Crockett Elementary School
Location: 401 N. Carrol Street
Threat: Abandonment

Tax Incentive Program
Location: city-wide
Threat: Program sunsets at the end of year

400 Page Avenue
Location: Ruthmede Neighborhood
Threat: Neglect and Demolition

McKinney Avenue Baptist Church
Location: 2601 McKinney Avenue
Threat: Development Pressure

Caruth Homestead
Location: 8000 Cornerstone Parkway
Threat: Indecision

Criswell College Library
Location: 4010 Gaston Avenue
Threat: Stewardship

Haymarket Cemetery
Location: 2500 Haymarket Road
Threat: Lack of Stewardship and Development Pressure

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