I Remember When We Had to Put Out Compilation CDs...

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Do we really need to remind you that Peter Schmidt is a great musician, a great human being and a great football player? No, we thought not.

Ah, the local-scene comp CD. That was so mid-'90s of us, back when we hunted for and gathered rare and unreleased tracks from swell local bands; maybe tomorrow we'll post a song or two from those old Dallas Observer Scene, Heard collections you can find at Half Price every so often for $2.99. But why look backward when you can listen forward?

See, our old pal Sam Machkovech moments ago "released" his first podcast over at bigDlittled, and it's a 72-minute, 20-something-track collection of swell homegrown tracks from the likes of Peter Schmidt, Bosque Brown, Sarah Jaffe, Midlake, the Theater Fire, Baptist Generals, Doug Burr, the tomorrowpeople (no shit) and some other folks we know and love...or at least like a lot.

All the songs are unreleased or hard-to-find or from forthcoming releases -- including one Sammy Boy teases as being such a big-time world premiere that he's not allowed to mention the artist's name. Indeed, Sam writes: "If anybody who provided me with one of these songs is suddenly offended by seeing said song on here -- and I have a sneaking suspicion this might be the case -- just e-mail me and I'll get rid of the offending track. But I think everything here checks out and makes for good promotional material, so I'm hoping for the best." Oh, and we're pretty sure that unnamed artist's name rhymes with Smaint Grincent.

So you'd best download this thing fast if you want the whole thing. And by fast, I mean in the 20 minutes or so it's taken for me to get the thing on my hard drive. --Robert Wilonsky

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