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Ed Oakley, Jim Schutze may not be a fan, but the Friends of Unfair Park like you just far.

Just a reminder that the Highly Unofficial Unfair Park Mayoral Poll's up and running till 5 p.m. tomorrow. Thus far, it's been a fascinating 24 hours, with nearly 2,200 votes cast as of 8:50 this morning. After an early lead yesterday, Max Wells has slipped all the way to fifth, just nine votes behind Darrell Jordan. Ed Oakley and Gary Griffith, non-factors during most of yesterday, woke up this morning to find themselves atop the poll, with Oakley thus far garnering 20 percent of the vote (431) and Griffith bringing in 19 percent (420). Which leaves Sam Coats as the man in the middle, with 374 votes during the first 24 hours. Don Hill -- you got 19 votes, last I looked, same as John Cappello...and eight more than Jennifer Gale. We did say this was highly unofficial, right? Thought so. --Robert Wilonsky

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