A Good Night for Stack

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Watch your back, Stack. You cost Tony Soprano 50 large.

Sure, Your Dallas Mavericks are in a 3-1 hole against Don Nelson's Golden State Warriors. Doesn't look good for the home team, which, tomorrow night, might just become the first No. 1 seed sent to an early summer vacation by a No. 8 seed. But it was a great night for one Jerry Stackhouse: In almost 36 minutes last night, he had 24 points to lead the Mavs in scoring. But shortly before tip-off, over on HBO Stack got a shout-out on The Sopranos, as his last-second performance in some regular-season game gave Dallas a win that cost Tony Soprano a few hundred thou. So, see, Stack might have bigger problems than a first-round bounce. --Robert Wilonsky

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