No Homecoming for Hinckley. Aw, Dang.

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If -- or, from the sound of it, when -- would-be Ronald Reagan assassin John W. Hinckley Jr. gets out of the mental hospital he calls home, don't expect the Highland Park High School product to come back to Dallas. No way, says his brother Scott, who still lives here. Even if U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman, who today kicked off a weeklong hearing into Hinckley's ability to live outside the hospital, grants him a pass, John will live with his folks in Williamsburg, Virginia -- even though Scott will be the one financially supporting him.

Reports the Associated Press today: Scott said "the best place for John to live likely would be his parents home in Williamsburg, Va., rather than in Dallas." And why? Because "the stigma of the JFK assassination would add more controversy to the situation," Scott says. Yeah, blame it on John Kennedy. It's all his fault. --Robert Wilonsky

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