TXU Power Prez Gives Good Deposition. You Can Read It So We Don't Have To.

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For the one or two of you interested in reading the desposition of TXU Power president and CEO, Mike Greene, taken yesterday by the Mayor Laura Miller-led Texas Clean Air Cities Coalition, here it is. I've read parts of it -- Greene says coal-fired plants will save customers money, which is true, because who can use electricity when you're dead -- but if you're so inclined, feel free to send us a more thorough report. (Warning: The thing's 445 pages long, though we think we can get it to a workable 120 pages for the movie version.) First one to do so gets two free tix and a club parking pass to hear Bill Clinton talk tonight at the Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie. Lorlee Bartos, I am looking in your general direction. --Robert Wilonsky

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