Man, They Really Want to Make Sure Craig Watkins Doesn't Screw This Up

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Who isn't on Dallas County District Attorney-Elect Craig Watkins' transition team? Seriously, this thing looks like one of those randomly generated, ironically cobbled-together lists that used to appear in Spy magazine. That, or a guest list to a party at which you do not want to show up stoned. Here 'tis, according to the press release Unfair Park just received:

    State Senator Royce West
    District Attorney Ronald Earle
    Chief David Kunkle
    State Representative Rafael Anchia
    Lena Levario
    Russell Budd
    Erle Nye
    Paul Coggins
    Frederick Barrow
    George Milner III

This is what West has to say in the release: "The importance of a seamless transition should not be overlooked. With the assistance of this highly experienced transition team, Mr. Watkins will enter the DA's office fully prepared and ready for the responsibilities ahead."

And here's Earle, the Travis County district attorney since 1976 (and Tom DeLay's good pal): "As the District Attorney elect, Mr. Watkins has expressed innovative ideas to his approach on crime and has solicited my counsel. Employing over 30 years of prosecutorial experience, I am pleased to be a part of his transition team."

And here's Watkins himself, at long last: "I am proud and honored that such an experienced and talented group of professionals have agreed to serve on my transition team. Each offers a unique perspective and can provide innovative suggestions to fulfill our important responsibilities to enforce the law and ensure justice for our community. Retaining such highly qualified, diverse and experienced counsel is an important development in ensuring a successful transition and reorganization of the District Attorney's office. I am grateful for their support and their commitment to public service."

Erle Nye, hunh? Isn't he, like, thinking of running for mayor? --Robert Wilonsky

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