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Says here that FC Dallas has narrowed its list of head coaches down to a Final Four: interim head coach Steve Morrow, SMU head coach Schellas Hyndman, D.C. United assistant coach Tom Soehn, and New York Red Bulls technical director Jeff Agoos are the four candidates. Didn't even know FC Dallas was looking for a coach. Don't even know what FC Dallas is. Kidding, of course. Just looking to fill the comments section.'s soccer, right? This is my favorite part of the story, concerning what team president and general manager Michael Hitchcock is looking for in a head coach:

"Effective Communicator; Man Management; Leadership; Talent Identification/Development; Strategic Thinker/Systematic Planner/Organization (whew!); MLS Knowledge; FCD Knowledge; Knows How to Win in MLS; Marketing/Business Opportunities; and Gut Feeling (How Well Will Candidate Do As Head Coach)."

Oddly, this is the same thing I am looking for in a mayoral candidate. And a second wife. --Robert Wilonsky

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