Girl on Top on Stage

Categories: Happy Holidays

Yes, this may indeed be a case of blogrolling, as we link back to a page that links to Unfair Park, but it's worth it. Because, you see, I can't think of a better way to end this year than by sending you to Cindy Chaffin's The Fine Line, where today Cindy has posted some video of our own Girl on Top performi...ya know, just go there your own self, because there is no point in ruining the joyous surprise of this belated holiday gift to you, beloved Friend of Unfair Park. Andrea's not thrilled about this, incidentally, but has decided to play along, lest I throw up here yet another item about Dallas Housing Authority's board chairman Guy Brignon or jailed DISD teacher Miguel Arango. We'll get to them again next year. By which I mean, of course, next week. Shortly after that, there are changes in store for Unfair Park. We thinks you'll likes.

So, Happy New Year. Be safe, be well and be back here Tuesday morning. Till then, drinks are on Bible Girl. --Robert Wilonsky

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