Is This an Aggie Joke?

Categories: Politics
Here's your new Secretary of Defense, Texas A&M president Robert Gates. Gig 'em.
You might wanna turn on your TV right now: President George W. Bush is yelling at reporters, to whom he just said Donald Rumsfeld is out as Secretary of Defense. In is Robert Gates, former National Security Council and Central Intelligence Agency man...and Texas A&M University president. Previously, Bush offered him the gig of U.S. Director of National Intelligence, which he declined; said he was committed to A&M, and the job went to John Negroponte. Guess you can only say no to the president so many times. Take last night, for instance. "Shows you how much I know," Bush said about the election results, which he called "a thumpin'." Later, about Nancy Pelosi's referring to Bush as "dangerous" only yesterday, Bush said, "This isn't my first rodeo." Now he's making fun of New York Times writers; "who do you write for?" Henh-henh-henh. Turn on yer TV. Now. --Robert Wilonsky

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