One Less Bridge to Cross

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The bridge is gone. Long live the bridge. (We know, you wanna know why the bridge isn't in this picture. Because it's gone. This is what remains. Pieces. Of a bridge that's gone.)

The abandoned railroad bridge at Garland and Gaston roads has eaten its last 18-wheeler. Last night the rusted trestles spanning Garland near the White Rock Spillway were removed and are sitting on the median near the signs that warned the bridge had a clearance of only 12 feet and 10 inches.

DART, which owned the old bridge, agreed to pay $80,000 to a contractor to take down the bridge down ahead of schedule. About time. The day the bridge came down, the old beast took one last victim: The low-slung trestle skinned a semi-trailer owned by MPEI. RIP, Killer. --Glenna Whitley

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