It's a Crime How There's No Crime

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Read over the weekend that Sherry Jacobson, Metro columnist at The Dallas Morning News, had an explanation for why Dallas tops the FBI's list of crime-ridden cities: We're just too good at reporting our crimes. So, see, no reason to pay attention to the F.B.I.; no reason to even look at the Total Crime Index, on which Dallas had the worst ranking, with 8,484.4 reported crimes per 100,000 people---or one crime for each 12 people. "Dallas is light-years ahead of most major cities in their reporting process," Senior Cpl. Chad Smith, a DPD crime analyst, told Jacobson. So, see? Stop reporting crime. That's how you reduce the crime rate.

Then I saw this in the paper this morning and wondered: Does the DPD report it when one of its own cars gets stolen? --Robert Wilonsky

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