15 Minutes of Doug Burr

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Yer invited to be in Doug Burr's video tonight. You're not invited to be in Andrea Grimes' video. Unless you're Doug Burr, musically speaking.

For those of you who haven't gotten their daily dose of music news from Fine Line yet, I'll summarize: If you're not going to hit up the Save The Scene meeting tonight at Club Twist (formerly Club Envy, shudder) you might consider being in a sweet music video in Denton instead.

The one, the only, the very sexy Lil' D twang-rocker Doug Burr is filming a vid tonight at Hailey's, and you can e-mail the man himself for a spot on the VIP list. If you're going to bring friends, be sure to note that in the message.

It's 21-and-up only, and I hear tell of dollar brews. --Andrea Grimes

Bonus MP3:

Doug Burr, "Should've Known" (from Doug Burr's forthcoming independent release)

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