A Slowride to Heavy Rotation

Categories: Local Music

A while back, we here at Unfair Park debated the lodgerific ingredients of Slowride's "Morals and Dogma" video, crafted by Tactics Productions (a team of locals that include Kris Youmans, Kris Hardy, Justin Wilson and others). Looks like we weren't the only one to take interest in the piece loaded with richly hued artwork, costumes and, well, bones. mtvU.com has included the vid as one of the five contestants in this week's The Freshman, an online voting contest where the winner gets added to the playlist. Voting ends tomorrow at 11:59 a.m. As of now, Slowride has moved from a mid-week midway hold-up to No. 2 on the hit parade. To support the hometown fellas, it looks like you can vote as often as you like--you know, if flooding the votes doesn't conflict with your morals...or dogma. --Merritt Martin

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