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UFOFU: Or, two guys from Secret Machines and one from the Polyphonic Spree, which made it a supergroup in reverse.
Sooner or later, I will get back to that history of Dallas music project I started in late May. Got sidetracked, to be honest--not to mention the fact that thing took up, like, four hours a day between finding the CDs, uploading the tracks and writing the actual items themselves. Yeah, I know. Wanh. Look for it to start up again in two weeks, with the Sounds of Deep Ellum era, though it's funny at this late date to crank up the Way-Back Machine with early New Bohemians, since the band's back at it again with the just-released Stranger Things. (A free download of the song "Wear You Down," which sounds just like old times, is available here.) Till we get back at it, though, we will direct you to the MP3 blog Dividing By Zero Will Get You Nowhere, which is hosting four songs from UFOFU's hard-to-find 1997 eponymous release, including the shoulda-been classic Beach Boys-by-way-of-Ramones "Nothing Always." Of course, the band featured three guys who'd go on to greater fame in other projects: Bassist-vocalist-pianist-songwriter Brandon Curtis and little drummer brother Ben wound up moving to New York and the late-night talk-show circuit in Secret Machines, while singer-guitarist-songwriter Joe Butcher ended up going on a Polyphonic Spree. But we do miss UFOFU all the same. --Robert Wilonsky

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