Ski Dallas!

In three years, more or less, you might be able to ski Dallas. I know, ridiculous. And also awesome. Don't forget awesome.
The latest issues of The Economist wonders whether Dallas (and Charlotte, whatever) isn't trying to keep pace with Dubai--"home of desert skiing, the world's only seven-star hotel and other outlandish attractions?" It stems from the fact there's a developer trying to get Dallasites onto the ski slopes without our ever having to leave the 214 (or 972...let's just say 469). Says the magazine, with quite the mildly amused sneer meant to signify that one should never mess with Mother Nature, Dallas' winter-all-year-round resort "will be 220 feet tall, covering 68 acres, according to Jeff Green, the chief executive of Bearfire Group, a developer. A property deal is expected any day. If ground is broken this year the park, called 'CoolZone Winterplex,' could open as soon as 2009." (Word of this $375 million park's been circulating since April, but since it's due to be a million degrees today, The Economist reminder seemed especially well-timed.) The joint won't use regular ol' snowmaking machines, but some technology invented by a guy in England that creates a "fairly fast surface" for skiing and is in use at some Olympic training facilities in Europe. Wonder if you can buy a villa at CoolZone Winterplex? Been lookin' to move. --Robert Wilonsky

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