Showering the Mavs...Sorry, With the Mavs

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How did I miss during my morning Mavs round-up: On June 14, CBS SportsLine reported that after the Game 3 loss in Miami, two women snuck into the Mavs' locker room and wound up showering with the players, chief among them Marquis Daniels, who invited the ladies to stick arond, no doubt to help wash off the stink of that heartbreaker. The incident, which culminated with the ladies being escorted out, led to this Darrell Armstrong humdinger: "We should have somebody do the same thing in a WNBA locker room. But if a guy did that, he'd be arrested." Well, today's CBS SportsLine has columnist Jason McIntyre lamenting that double standard while wishing sportswriters had their own groupies; dude, seriously. --Robert Wilonsky

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