Be a Celebrity!

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You can buy cans of Dr Pepper for a few hundy. And ya get some signatures from famous people too. And other stuff.
Or, at least, be treated like one. OK, would you settle for just getting hold of the really cool free shit celebs get? For last weekend's Reebok Heroes Celebrity baseball game in Frisco, famed Klein Creative out of New York created one of its trademark swag bags for each of the players. Inside the gift bags is $2,700 worth of stuff you need (like watches and headphones) and stuff you'd never buy yourself (like bullfighting lessons). Here's the really cool part: You can get one of those bags, autographed by all the athletes (such as Mike Modano, Marquis Daniels and Dallas Cowboys safety Roy Williams) and celebs (including Clerks II's Rosario Dawson and Mavs owner Mark Cuban) who played in the game. The bag is available through July 20 via online auction. Something tells my hearty leading current bid of $110 ain't gonna stand up. --Richie Whitt

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