Losing Mucho Dinero in Dallas?

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If you want to keep track of the impact today's Day of Action (or Day Without an Immigrant) is having not only in Dallas, but in such cities as Miami Los Angeles, Chicago and Denver, NBC News has its peeps on the ground writing about what they're seeing...and not seeing. So far that mainly includes slowdowns at construction sites and a few closed businesses. To wit, from NBC News correspondent Charles Hadlock at 12:45 p.m.:

"At Malone Food Stores, which operates nine grocery stores in Hispanic neighborhoods in Dallas, 450 employees are free to join the demonstrations.

Rick Gomez, the chain's general manager, says the stores will lose about $300,000 by being closed today."

The site will be updated throughout the day, but thus far, as Rick Kennedy notes below, things have been pretty quiet around town; the most you can say is that some construction sites ain't getting much constructing done today. Things seem to be much busier in Los Angeles, where thousands are congregating for a march on City Hall. Hey, been there, done that, L.A. --Robert Wilonsky

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