Dallas, YOU Still Love Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise, you're nuts and probably holding Katie Holmes hostage, but Dallas still buys what you're selling.
Why, I have no idea, but I find this kind of staggering. By now, you all know that Mission: Impossible III had a "disappointing" opening weekend, raking in a mere (heh) $47.7 million at the box office. Well, of that take, Dallas accounts for $1 million of all the tickets sold, according to a box-office-numbers-knowin' souce. One mil in one city for one movie. More money than he made in all of Nebraska last weekend. Or Tennessee. Or...look, just get out a map and starting point to states. Tom Cruise has always liked Dallas; shot Born on the Fourth of July here, came through to promote Minority Report and Vanilla Sky. Maybe he oughta move here. Not like he'd be far away from the Scientologists. And I would be happy to babysit. --Robert Wilonsky

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