Cotton Comes to Unfair Park

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Pat Cotton called yesterday to correct yesterday's look back at Darrell Jordan and his mothballed plan from way back in '98 to dome the Cotton Bowl. Turns out I was right to call him a former mayoral candidate...and also wrong: Cotton, among the city's best and best-known political consultants, wanted to remind me that Jordan's a current candidate too, among the ever-burgeoning number of folks rising up and raising money to take on Mayor Laura. (At the moment, in fact, he's probably an early favorite on name recognition alone; and it's not like he's running against Ron Kirk this time, the man to whom Jordan lost the election a decade ago.) "He is a current candidate for mayor," Cotton said, "and we fully anticipate beating Laura Miler into the ground." Then, probably realizing what she said sounded a little, uh, harsh, Cotton...laughed. This is going to be the best election ever. --Robert Wilonsky

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