Outta the Pak

Hulk smash...and is a smash too: Carlo Pagulayan illustrated Greg Pak's work in the Marvel Comics mainstay title.
My old pal Greg Pak, with whom I attended junior high at Alex W. Spence Middle School on Capital Avenue, has turned into quite the big-deal comic-book scribe. Pak, who wrote, directed and starred in film-fest fave Robot Stories a couple of years back, has been working exclusively for Marvel Comics--first on the resurrected Warlock title, then on a high-profile X-Men mini-series and a sequel to Neil Gaiman's beloved 1602 reworking of Spider-Man, Daredevil and other Marvel icons. But his current 14-issue run on Incredible Hulk is garnering Pak much attention and many well-deserved raves. To which I say, as always, mazel tov. --Robert Wilonsky

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