M-I-C...See ya real soon, Big Tex

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"Big Tex is a problem. He's our Mickey Mouse."

And with those words, Nancy Wiley, a consultant to the State Fair of Texas, kindly requested that we remove Big Tex's dorky visage from Unfair Park. Turns out Big Tex is a registered trademark--"both his name and his image," Wiley said.

"You can't have Big Tex," she added. "You can have, you know, art deco pylons..."


At least we can keep our name.

"I think everyone thought 'Unfair Park' was pretty funny," Wiley said.

So our legal counsel asked for Big Tex's trademark registration number...you know, stalling for a little time.

But it appears Big Tex's days are numbered. Howdy, folks, and so long. --Julie Lyons

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