UFC 127: Fitch Over Penn. Wait, That Was a Draw?

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Jon Fitch.jpg
Ties are for Troy Dungan or calf ropin' or Oscar night or Mila Kunis' brother (cuz kissin' his sister would be bueno).

But UFC?

Watched UFC 127 with some buddies Saturday night and was entertained, but confused. Always figured in this manliest sports featuring bloody knockouts and tap-out surrenders they'd fight to the death -- or at least until someone won.

In the main event B.J. Penn rocked Jon Fitch with a couple of early takedowns, but with the way Fitch so dominated the third round I thought he clearly won the fight. So did Penn, who afterward in the ring basically called himself lucky to get a draw. For the final five minutes Fitch basically pinned and pummeled Penn with non-stop piston punches from close range.

It was like death by a thousand paper cuts. Except that -- in the three judges' opinion -- Penn didn't die.

I hate draws in soccer and boxing and, well, everything. Imagine a Miss America pageant with co-winners. A Super Bowl without overtime, ending in a tie. American Idol(s). It just feels so incomplete and unfulfilling. 

It didn't, however, take away from an entertaining night in which we also learned that... 

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XLV Flopped at Cowboys Stadium, But How 'Bout UFC?

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Back in November in Cowboys Stadium, I went to the Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito boxing match. In 2009 I went to UFC 103 at American Airlines Center.

My judge's scorecard: UFC > Boxing. By embarrassing submission.

Got to debating the other day what event -- other than Super Bowl XLV -- could fill Cowboys Stadium with 100,000 fans. Some of the offerings: NBA All-Star Game (duh), a World Cup final, strip club trade show (we'd never look at JumboJerry the same again), a free Justin Bieber concert, Led Zeppelin reunion, Billy Graham, American Idol finals, Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather or, alas, a UFC event.

Granted, it would take a star-studded card headlined by Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva to do it, but packing the place for Mixed Martial Arts isn't the craziest premise I've ever heard.

And the good news for us MMA fans (I'm an admitted newbie to this stuff) is that in the wake of Super Bowl XLV's disappointment, UFC just may be headed to Arlington.

It was last spring after taking in the Pacquaio-Joshua Clottey fight that drew 50,994 to Cowboys Stadium that UFC president Dana White boasted on Spike TV that "We're definitely, 100 percent going to Cowboys Stadium, no doubt about it. With our sport, people will fly in from all over the world."

At the time the Cowboys acknowledged there had been cursory talks but nothing concrete. That still seems to be the case, although the groundwork has been laid for a bigger, better UFC stadium show.

How's that?

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MMA - But Not UFC - Comes Back to Metroplex

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No way it will be bigger than last summer when UFC took over American Airlines Center, but Mixed Martial Arts - in the form of Bellator - invades the metroplex again tonight.

The BFC XIX will hold seven fights at the Nokia Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, headlined by lightweight champ Joe Soto squaring off against UFC veteran Diego Saraiva. The event will also be televised on Telemundo and Fox Sports Net.

Though I'm convinced it's bigger and better than boxing, I'm still just learning my Brock Lesnar from my Tito Ortiz. Help me out ...

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Big Crowd Be Damned, UFC Still > Boxing

UFC Action Figures.jpg
Don't know any of these UFC dudes, but betcha they could all kick Pacquiao's ass.
​Was way too inebriated busy Saturday night to catch the Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey fight at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. But from what I'm hearing it's about what I expected: Lotsa style. Zero substance.

A crowd of almost 51,000 packed the place, which is another smashing success for Jerry Jones and his magnetic sports cathedral. Heard Jerry even saying that for a potential Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight he predicts a crowd that would break the building's record - 108,000 for last month's NBA All-Star Game.

I didn't go, so if you went to the fight and I'm wrong let me know. But from Barry Horn's recap in Dallas' Only Daily, the bigger, stronger Clottey made $2.5 million for essentially playing rope-a-dope. He uses phrases like "a fight almost broke out in the third round", "lousy fight" and "sparring sessions offer more drama."

Like I've said - and written - before ...

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How I Spent My Saturday: Piggin' Out on Food and Fightin'

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Dinner, anyone?
Since I'm technically on vacation, allow me to make this short and sweet, and visual.

First, I spent my afternoon watching college football and, you guessed it, eating some cooked pig. Yes, that's a Coors Light can in its mouth and, yes, the guy who prepared the pig (the secret, believe it or not, is coconut milk) is the same buddy who serves up yummy Chinese at Chan's locations across the Metroplex. 

Poor oinker. I heard he died of ...

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Boxing's Worst Nightmare Comes to Dallas

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UFC - AAC.gif
​Okay, I'm sucked in.

Not to the point of eating Creatine cupcakes, stocking my closet with Affliction T-shirts and putting Newy Scruggs in an arm bar, but I'm intrigued enough by the sport of Mixed Martial Arts that I'm journeying to American Airlines Center Saturday night for UFC 103.

I know Floyd Mayweather makes his first return to the ring since 2007 but at this point, UFC is kicking boxing's ass. Despite what Tim Cowlishaw says, UFC > Boxing, right?

Granted, UFC 103 features no star-studded main event or title fight. There will be 13 fights in all (doors open at 5:20 p.m., tickets start at a cool $100), but none featuring householdish names like Brock Lesnar, Georges St. Pierre or Chuck Liddell. Still, the headline act of Rich Franklin vs. Vitor Belfort will likely produce more hits than Giants-Cowboys. And, for that matter, probably more than the Rangers' bats.

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Ultimate Fighting: Fad or Rad?

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The brute of Brock Lesnar is one reason to be attracted to UFC. I can think of others.

It’s official: Ultimate Fighting has KO’d Boxing.


Quick, name the heavyweight champion of the world. If you’re like me, you knew Brock Lesnar before Wladimir Klitschko.

I went to Evander Holyfield’s fight at American Airlines Center a couple years back. I went to a buddy’s house to watch UFC 91: Coutoure vs. Lesnar last Saturday night.

Gotta admit: No contest.

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