Will This Conference Clustereff Be Good for College Football?

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It's not a matter of if, but merely when. The Big 12 is kaput.

When the Board of Regents at OU and Texas yesterday empowered their respective school presidents (David Boren and Williams Powers) to explore new conference affiliations, it officially signaled the beginning of the end for the Irving-based conference. Schools rarely give the green light to pursue greener pastures and then wind up -- never mind -- remaining home.

In this case it's Pac 12 over staying put.

Despite the naive denial issued yesterday afternoon by Big 12 commish Dan Beebe:

"The actions taken today by the governing boards of the universities of Oklahoma and Texas was anticipated," Beebe said in a statement. "It is my opinion that the case for the Big 12 Conference continues to be as strong today for all of our current members as it was last year, especially considering the welfare of those to whom we owe the greatest responsibility -- the student-athletes. "We continue to apply all effort resources toward assuring our members that maintaining the Big 12 is in the best interest for their institutions."

Baghdad Bob, meet your match.

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When Good Frogs Go Bad: 3 Former TCU Football Players Arrested in Dallas

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While we await word of court dates in DeShawn Stevenson's Irving arrest and shrug at yet another blemish on the record of former Texas running back Cedric Benson, some TCU football players and a former Dallas Cowboy were arrested over the weekend in Dallas.

According to Dallas police, former Frogs Stephen Hodge, Jerry Hughes and Cory Grant were out celebrating Hodge's 24th birthday at The Bank nightclub when a disturbance spilled onto the Main Street sidewalk around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning. The three were arrested on public intoxication, taking to the City Detention Center and released a couple of hours later.

You remember Hodge, right? Well, sorta.

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TCU: Tremendous Class Undeterred

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Mark Cuban wants to fix the BCS. And, via its voting, so do college football writers and coaches.

Despite not getting a chance to play for a national championship, undefeated TCU received three No. 1 votes from the media and one from a coach in Tuesday's final college football polls. Three writers - Kyle Tucker (The Virginian-Pilot), Pete DiPrimio (Fort Wayne News-Sentinel) and Ray Fittipaldo (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) -- voted TCU No. 1 and one coach -- Idaho's Robb Akey -- gave the top spot to the Frogs despite a mandate that all coaches vote for the winner of the BCS National Championship Game. (And shame on ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit, one of four voters who put TCU fourth on their ballot.)

But uproar? Controversy? Displeasure? You're not hearing any of that from Fort Worth this week.

Good for TCU. The Frogs are above a broken system.

"We're going to celebrate the fact that we won the Rose Bowl," TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte said yesterday. "But until they get a system that is going to be absolutely perfect so they can figure out a way to determine those things, we need to celebrate the system we currently have right now. I'm not going to go through my time with an asterisk: Could have, should have, but ... No. We're Rose Bowl champions."

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TCU Finally Shuts Up the Big Ten Buffoons

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So a bunch of us are sitting around on New Year's Day laughing at the empty seats at the Ticket City Bowl, gulping venison chili and combating our headaches with straight up hair o' the dawg. Suddenly, invited to our football-watching gala by a mutual friend, the Big Ten Buffoons show up.

They're big. They're buzzcut. They're burly. They're, well, buffoonish. Picture a group of Steve Dennises, all wearing - for some reason - camou.

The three guys yell "Today the Big Ten owns it!" and other similarly random and irritating shit. To us Texans and our buddy from Alabama, this provides not only more cranial pain but - more important - a delicious wagering opportunity.

The Big Ten Buffoons, as if we didn't know, remind us that their sacred conference littered with slow, beefy, plodding white players has five teams in action. After some good-natured ribbing back and forth, the poop ricochets off the oscillating wind machine:

"Care to put your money where your mouth is?" asks the lead Big Ten Buffoon.

"Never," I retort, "thought you'd ask."

And with that, numerous wagers were placed on the five games. At this point in the story I'd like to inform you that next time we're out, drinks are on me.

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Screw Baseball, Mark Cuban Wants to Own College Football

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College football's biggest division is popular, yet ultimately broken. The latest example - one that hits close to home - is TCU having a 12-0 record yet 0 chance of winning a national championship.

Every year the BCS attempts to pair the two best teams against each other in the title game, but there are always more than two best teams. This weekend kicks off the first of 35 bowl games, all but one of them absolutely meaningless. College football is the only sport on Earth where 34 teams end their season with a victory and a trophy without actually winning anything of significance.

You get it. I get it. So does Mark Cuban.

After two failed attempts to buy a Major League Baseball team, the Dallas Mavericks owner told reporters last night that he's ready to help fix college football. A 12- or 16-game playoff, fueled by his unique and aggressive fund-raising.

"It's an inefficient business where there's obviously a better way of doing it," Cuban said. "The only thing that's kept them from doing it is a lack of capital, which I can deal with. The one thing every college football fan wants you can probably create for less than it takes to buy a baseball team."

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Holy Nevada, The Frogs Smell Like Roses. And the Big East.

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Think it's been a wacky college football season?

Michigan, Florida, Southern Cal and Texas are a combined 26-17 22.

And TCU (which is apparently jumping to the Big East in 2012) - at the very worst - is going to the Rose Bowl.

Couldn't believe my eyes early Saturday morning. Despite a stirring comeback by Nevada, Boise State was poised to win their WAC showdown not once, but twice. But both times - once at the end of regulation and once in overtime - the Broncos' senior kicker missed straight-on, chip-shot field goals that allowed the Wolfpack an upset victory.

While Auburn and Oregon rallied from early deficits, TCU throttled pitiful New Mexico to hold onto the BCS' No. 3 spot. As of now, the undefeated Horned Frogs will play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.

A slip-up by Auburn against South Carolina in the SEC title game or by Oregon against Oregon State and TCU will be playing for the national championship January 10 in Glendale, Arizona.

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TCU is by far the best college football team in Texas. The Horned Frogs could have easily won the Big 12 this season. TCU, in fact, can beat any team in the country.

But even with the best defense in the country, TCU is defenseless against the BCS.

With another week of results from college football's chaotic rankings released Sunday, the Horned Frogs seemed destined to finish their season undefeated and yet have zero hope of even getting a chance to play in the BCS National Championship Game.

Oregon and Auburn remain Nos. 1-2 in the rankings and will play for the title unless the Ducks lose to either Arizona or Oregon State or the Tigers and Heisman Trophy quarterback Scam Newton lose to Alabama.

TCU is currently third, but its margin over No. 4 Boise State continues to shrink and will, in all likelihood, disappear. While the Frogs finish their season at lowly New Mexico State, the Broncos could pick up support and points in both human and computer polls with a win at No. 19 Nevada Friday.

This is shaping up to be one of the all-time hose jobs in the history of college football.

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The College Football Weekend - 11.6.10: My Top 10 Observer-ations

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10. First play of the game in College Station, Oklahoma snapped the ball over quarterback Landry Jones' head and out of the end zone for safety. Iconic Aggie radio voice Dave South's peculiar call: "Touchback, Aggies!" What the what?

9. For a supposedly dumbass coach, LSU's Les Miles sure gets lucky a lot.

8. How bad a season is it for Texas? The Longhorns' Garrett Gilbert threw five interceptions in a humiliating 39-14 loss at Kansas State. Texas trailed 39-0. Down 37-0 after a Wildcat touchdown the 'Horns blocked the extra point, which bounced right to the Kansas State kicker who ran it in for a two-point conversion. I could not make that up.

7. Unbelievable that Penn State's Joe Paterno is the first major college football coach to win 400 games. Just as incredible that he's 84 years old. And that he's had the same job for 45 years.

6. So much for June Jones' SMU dynasty. With a realistic shot to win the Conference USA West, the Mustangs went out and lost to crappy UT-El Paso.

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What Do TCU Football Coach Gary Patterson and Ass-Less Chaps Have in Common?

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Ass-less chaps.jpg
TCU kicks off its 2010 season September 4 against Oregon State in Cowboys Stadium. To promote the game head coaches Gary Patterson and Mike Riley held themselves a little conference call Tuesday.

Sounds innocent enough.

Until, that is, "Amy Cummings" from "Rawhide Nation Sports Blog" joined the discussion. When it comes to interviews most of the time I'm more serious journalistic integrity guy than I am goof-off guy, but I gotta admit that her intrusion made me giggle.

And when you start off asking a coach about his team's arrests and then ass-less chaps, how in the world are you allowed a follow-up?

Jump for the full, funny transcript ...

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TCU = CWS. Chalk One Up for the Little Guys

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Delicious development over the weekend as TCU's baseball team took two of three from Texas in Austin to earn its first ever trip to the College World Series. The Horned Frogs begin play in Omaha, Nebraska Saturday at 1 p.m. against Fresno State.

TCU has a legit shot because of, if nothing else, pitching ace Matt Purke. The almost-Texas Ranger is 14-0, including a 3-1 victory over the Longhorns last Friday. In a fit of beautiful irony, the cheap-ass Rangers couldn't sign Purke because of owner Tom Hicks. So Purke instead goes to TCU and winds up beating Texas, of which Hicks is a boisterous alum.

Karma, thou art a just bitch.

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