National Signing Day is the Biggest Waste of Time in Sports

National Signing Day.jpg
In 1989 Dallas Carter High School stud Derric Evans signed his letter of intent to play college football at the University of Tennessee.

While in a hot tub.

That's the day I lost interest in National Signing Day. It's all hoopla and hype and rarely does a four-year college football snapshot show a direct correlation between No. 1 recruiting classes and No. 1 rankings on the field.

That said, this recruiting stuff is big business and a lot of you are enthralled by it.

You want it, you got it ...

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Veterans Day, Meet Texas High School Football Veterans Week

High School Monument.jpg
On Veterans Day we stop -- if only for a minute -- to thank all those who have served in our military and fought to provide us the freedom to do things like vote, drink beer, sleep in if we want and, of course, blog insanely and/or sharply and anonymously criticize those who blog...



So hit your snooze button until noon, cast a ballot, slam a sixer and let's hop to it.

I love me some Texas high-school football. Nothing like a tiny town morphing into a big crowd at the rickety old stadium on a Friday night where the freaks and geeks and preps and goat ropers all set aside their differences and cheer for kids who play for the love of the sport.

That said, I'm sorta embarrassed that America's best football state allows into its playoffs teams with 2-8 records. In fact, along with 2-8 Tyler Lee and Lubbock Monterrey there are eight teams in the Division I playoffs with losing records.

Two and Eight?! If the Cowboys were a Class 5A school they'd still have hope.

Still, Texas high school football is to be cherished. And honored. And so it will be during Super Bowl XLV week.

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Recession-Proof: Sex, Alcohol and, Of Course, Football

Allen Stadium.jpg

The City of Allen will build a $60 million facility for the 2008 state champion football team, the Allen High School Eagles.

Either the recession is over or, perhaps, football is king in Texas. Duh.

Seating is 18,000. The joint will include a $1 million weight room. Ground-breaking is September 16. The stadium will open for the 2012 season.

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Former Trinity High School Cornerback Tackles Michael Vick

Chase Weber.jpg
Former Trinity High DB Chase Weber, the Joe chasing the Pro.
I've seen Spike TV's Pros vs. Joes a couple times. Love the concept.

Ordinary(ish) guys take on professional athletes in their sport. Handicapped, of course. Classic episode was Pacman Jones getting legitimately pissed when a nobody caught a touchdown on him in a game of flag football.

Tonight the series returns with a local flavor as former Euless Trinity High School defensive back Chase Weber takes on Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback Michael Vick. (I've talked to the show's producers, and rumors that dogs will be included in the events are wholly untrue.)

Weber, who played at Colorado State, was named to Trinity's All-Decade team.

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Corporal Punishment at Dallas Lickin' High School

The board of education.
I'm 44. But I'm about to sound 84.

It was a better world when paddling was a part of school. A safer world when "licks" between a teacher and student were punishment rather than perverted pleasure.

Hear me out: I'm not condoning the 21 "licks" allegedly applied to the backside of a Lincoln High School football player. That, of course, is excessive, brutal abuse and the fact that the school's coach and principal attempted to hide the episode proves their guilt.

But we wonder how our kids got so out of control? Where's the respect for teachers? For authority? Where have all the hard-nosed disciplinarians like Bobby Knight and Vince Lombardi and Woody Hayes gone?

Easy. We've degenerated into a wussified country weakened by Downy-soft consequences, only to inexplicably react with aghast at the resulting hard times.

I don't remember all the numerous groundings I incurred as a kid. But I vividly the recall the two times I got paddled.

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National Signing Day: Precious or Preposterous?

Patrick Michels
South Oak Cliff defensive back Kevin Brent is DISD's top recruit. He'll be a Sooner next year.

Wanna do something really dangerous today? BASE jump. Try to steal the Valentine's chocolate from Jessica Simpson. Or, if you're really feeling frisky, buy some stock in 18-year-old boys.

At best, it's a risky proposition.

Today is National Signing Day (the first day high-school players can make their oral committments to colleges official) and, truth be told, who knows? Four years ago today - on NSD 2005 - two of the nation's top high-school prospects were named Darren McFadden and Ryan Perilloux and no one was touting a linebacker named James Larinaitis.

Though our Dallas Cowboys have proven time and again that great talent doesn't necessarily begat a good team, the usual suspects are lining up again to have the nation's best college football recruiting classes. Florida, which won the National Championship last month, is expected to have its fourth consecutive Top 5 class. By most accounts, Ohio State will have the strongest group, followed closely by Texas, which expects to nab four of the country's top 55 players.

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I Got Yer Feel-Good Super Bowl Story Right Here

Super Bowl Coach - Grapevine.jpg

One of our football coaches is headed to Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa. Surprise, he has nothing to do with your Dallas Cowboys.

I blogged, oh-so briefly, about Grapevine Faith's Nov. 7 high-school game against the Gainesville State Tornadoes. Ring a bell?

Rick Reilly's terriffic ESPN The Magazine column is here. For the short, sweet version, we're jumping ...

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Don't Read This If You're Determined to be Scrooge

Texas Football at its Finest.jpgOne of the greatest games in the history of football was played in our back yard recently. Consider it the pigskin version of It's A Wonderful Life.

Merry Christmas, sports. - Richie Whitt

Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse

Three yards and a cloud of ... California rolls?

Sushi? At a Texas high school football game?

The sound you hear is Tom Landry, rolling over in his grave. -- Richie Whitt

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