Floyd Mayweather is Both Champ and Chump. And Larry Merchant is My New Hero.


These days give me a good UFC card over a boxing match, but Saturday night was quite the intriguing spectacle inside the squared ring.

Getting his ass whipped early by Floyd Mayweather, seems Victor Ortiz resorted to a head-butt.

But then, after what looked like a kiss to Mayweather's cheek and during the machinations of an in-fight apology ...

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Pacquiao d. Margarito: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. First couple of rounds I actually thought Antonio Margarito had a chance against Manny Pacquiao. Margarito charged ahead and threw bigger punches. But the end result of most of the center-ring skirmishes was him running into a swarm of gnats. The cumulative effect proved catastrophic as he spent Saturday night at Methodist Medical Center with a fractured orbital bone.

9. Promoter Bob Arum expected as many as 65,000 but only 43,000 showed. So much for his theory based on the "Mexican walk-up." Didn't see many celebs, either. Bummer.

8. To me, boxing is full of badass mofos. But members of both Pacquiao's and Margarito's posses wore Affliction T-shirts, which, according to you guys, is a sure sign of a douchebaggery. So boxers = douchers? I need some clarification.

7. I'm not down with the 10-point must system, but by my sportswriter math Pacquiao won 11 rounds with one tied.

6. Pacquiao entered the ring to AC/DC's "Thunder." Margarito? Dunno. Sounded like something you'd hear from one of those traveling bands meandering along the Riverwalk in San Antonio. No bueno.

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Boxing Ain't Dead Yet. In Fact, It's Alive and Well in Arlington.

Boxing Cowboys Stadium.jpg

When's the last time you did something for the first time?

Couple virgin voyages for me this week. Last weekend I went to a motorcycle gang party. (Scary.) And Saturday night I'm going to a championship fight. As in big-time boxing. (Psyched.)

I'm more into UFC these days, but I'm looking forward to Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito at Cowboys Stadium. Supposed to be 60,000 screaming fans -- possibly a record for an American indoor fight -- and lots of hits and a winner. In other words, it'll be nothing like a Dallas Cowboys' home game.

Before Pacquiao-Margarito square off, a Dallas kid will also try to win himself some respect.

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Big Crowd Be Damned, UFC Still > Boxing

UFC Action Figures.jpg
Don't know any of these UFC dudes, but betcha they could all kick Pacquiao's ass.
​Was way too inebriated busy Saturday night to catch the Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey fight at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. But from what I'm hearing it's about what I expected: Lotsa style. Zero substance.

A crowd of almost 51,000 packed the place, which is another smashing success for Jerry Jones and his magnetic sports cathedral. Heard Jerry even saying that for a potential Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight he predicts a crowd that would break the building's record - 108,000 for last month's NBA All-Star Game.

I didn't go, so if you went to the fight and I'm wrong let me know. But from Barry Horn's recap in Dallas' Only Daily, the bigger, stronger Clottey made $2.5 million for essentially playing rope-a-dope. He uses phrases like "a fight almost broke out in the third round", "lousy fight" and "sparring sessions offer more drama."

Like I've said - and written - before ...

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Luis Yanez Pisses Off Some More Folks

Last time we saw Duncanville Olympic boxer Luis Yanez he was mending fences, winning fights and building a professional career while re-building his reputation.


Turns out the snotty-nose brat who got crossways with U.S. Olympic Boxing is at it again, this time acting the fool enough to get dumped by his management team, Dallas-based Brown Boy Media.

"He's a good kid, but there's a pattern of behavior there," said Brown Boy's Anthony Montoya. "When we took him on a lot of folks tried to warn us about him, and unfortunately they were right."

Yanez, who made his pro debut at American Airlines Center last February and is 3-0 so far, was dropped in November after what Brown Boy says were multiple missed appearances and a generally unprofessional attitude toward his team and business partners.

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Better Bang For Your Buck: Boxing or UFC?

Kid isn't old enough to drink. But he's old enough to turn pro.
Went out to east Dallas last week to spend some quality time with the only Olympic boxer in the history of Dallas, Luis Yanez.

The kid is immensely cocky, tiny - would you believe 5-foot-4 and around 118 pounds? - and has the world by the short hairs. You'll want to hate him, but you'll wind up loving him. Here, read for yourself.

Yanez fights as a pro for the first time Friday night at AAC. I'll be there. You?

If you haven't noticed, boxing needs charismatic up-n-comers like Yanez. The sport isn't dead, but it's on life support. From what I can tell, UFC/MMA has boxing's sweet science in an arm bar.

Have you seen a UFC fight? Better yet, when's the last time you attended a boxing match?

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BREAKING NEWS: Luis Yanez Making Pro Boxing Debut at AAC

I do weird things while (only technically, it appears) on vacation. Like, for example, wonder if the sport of boxing is alive and wonder if Duncanville fighter Luis Yanez is well.

The answer: Yes. And Yes.

A lil' boxing birdie whispered to me this morning that Yanez - who flamed out amidst much controversy at last summer's Olympics - will make his professional boxing debut during a six-fight card February 20 at American Airlines Center.

There will be a Jan. Dec. 30 press conference and the fight will be televised by Fox Sports Net. I've now exhausted my knowledge of Yanez, the event and boxing.

I return myself to my regularly scheduled nap. - Richie Whitt

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