Cowboys Roster Cuts: What We're Left With

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In the final analysis the Cowboys kept nine rookies, four undrafted free agents, two kickers and zero fullbacks.

If you saw that coming, raise your Labor Day hand. Didn't think so.

We did foresee the departures of Igor Olshansky, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah and Montrae Holland, so not everything was shocking. As the Cowboys sliced their final roster to 53 over the weekend -- they cut offensive tackle Sam Young this morning, so this thing's still a work in progress -- there are multiple areas of concern.

At kicker, they kept both David Buehler and Dan Bailey. I know the Cowboys want Buehler to be the guy, but I'm not sure I trust either kicker to line up for the game-tying field goal Sunday against the New York Jets.

In the secondary, neither Terence Newman nor Mike Jenkins played a pre-season snap. Newman, out with a strained groin since the first week of training camp, didn't practice today at Valley Ranch. That sound you hear are Jets' receivers Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes licking their chops.

But, let's face it, no position has provided more surprises or created more concern than offensive line.

Gone from 2010 are center Andre Gurode (signed by the Ravens), Marc Colombo (signed by the Dolphins) and Leonard Davis (still unemployed). And on Sunday, thankfully, the Cowboys rid themselves of veteran backup Montrae Holland.

That's a ton of experience gone from the roster. What are we left with?

The guy I think would've been perfect for Dallas -- Brian Waters -- signed with the Patriots yesterday. The Cowboys signed veteran Derrick Dockery as a backup, slicing Young to make room for him on the roster.

So, for now, here is your 2011 Cowboys' offensive line depth chart:

LEFT TACKLE: Doug Free/ Jeremy Parnell

LEFT GUARD: Bill Nagy/ Derrick Dockery

CENTER: Phil Costa/ Kevin Kowalski

RIGHT GUARD: Kyle Kosier/ David Arkin

RIGHT TACKLE: Tyron Smith/ Jeremy Parnell

With only three tackles on the roster, that's just frightening. Parnell, a free agent, alternated being overmatched and underwhelming during camp. Dockery, who has 111 NFL starts mostly with the Redskins, will provide a smidge of veteran depth behind the rookie Nagy but the guy hasn't played tackle since Texas. But considering Costa is a second-year undrafted free agent from Maryland with only NFL start (at guard), the Cowboys will essentially start three rookies Sunday night against the Jets.

If this team isn't in a rebuilding mode, it's certainly in transition.

Brace yourself.

Makes the arrest of Kevin Ogletree feel almost insignificant.

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WOW. they get paid for this
WOW. they get paid for this

i would tryout for the cowboys O-line but they might ask me to start and i would get killed like they do. I'll play for a million a year to hold up the bench since they are just giving money away to wear the uniform. the line has always been the problem for the last several years and no one throws on the weak secondary for some reason and romo........ what can i say a goose is a goose and he keeps laying eggs............... maybe a chicken the way he goes down with no one touching him


This thing is going to suck if Romo can't stay vertical. Crazier things have happened, I guess?

I just hope Jerrah hasn't seen the success of a middle of the league payroll-wise team(Rangers) and think he's going to get away with that here. Maybe he doesn't realize the Rangers actually have drafted and traded well and he's ..... well the Cowboys have..... oh fuck, we're screwed.


Terrance Newman needs to be out of Dallas. This guy has not brought it and its disgusting watching him donn a Cowboys uniform.

Armen's Anus
Armen's Anus

Richie, can you make some time for me before the show starts in an hour and a half? I need to be stuffed. Preferably by a cock, but a couple of fingers will work too. To be honest it feels the same with you anyway whether its your cock or your fingers. Meet Armen in the restroom ASAP. He will be waiting.  

nothing new here
nothing new here

hoo boy that's some funny stuff. you must be the most popular guy on the playground. really, do the regulars here think this crap is hilarious? don't care what your opinion of the blogger is, most of the comments are vulgar and useless.

Tone's Taint
Tone's Taint

Some think its funny, I just like to get my rocks off.  Armens likes drinking the soup from me