With Josh Hamilton and Cliff Lee Looming, the Rangers are Somehow Surviving

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Adrian Beltre got the big hit. Ian Kinsler made the defensive play. And, in a first, Mark Lowe salvaged what Neftali Feliz ruined.

The Rangers beat the Royals in extras last night and -- pending a weekend visit through Cliff Lee and the formidable Phillies' pitching staff -- might avoid these early-season potholes with minimal damage after all.

When MVP Josh Hamilton made his dumb, daring dash for home on a foul pop April 12, the Rangers were 9-1 and off to a 1-0 lead in Game 11 in Detroit. With their best player out with a broken arm, the Rangers also endured ensuing injuries to Feliz, set-up man Darren O'Day, slugger Nelson Cruz and starting center fielder Julio Borbon.

The end result? Texas hasn't been good, last night's win raising its Josh-less record to 14-19. But it's been good enough, as -- with Hamilton on the verge of a return to the lineup -- the Rangers are somehow still in first place in the AL West.

While Cruz may return in time to face Roy Halladay, Lee and Roy Oswalt over the weekend in Philly, Hamilton took a step toward the big-boy lineup Wednesday as he homered and got two hits in a rehab start in Frisco. With gingerly slow steps -- no head-first diving, please -- he'll DH again tonight for the Rough Riders before a weekend stint with AAA Round Rock.

By Tuesday -- which would be exactly six weeks after his injury -- Hamilton could again be playing for the Rangers.

All things considered, the Rangers would have to deem this a successful survival.

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Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Even though Clee is on my SFBT, I hope we kill him...and I agree with SM about dinging a few foul balls towards the wifey's section..I'd pay good money to see it. 

Ramblin Man
Ramblin Man

Lee gave up an uncharacteristic 6 walks in his last outing.

The Phillies have cooled off lately, but probably not a cool as the Rangers recent RISP.

Oakland will be going against the Giants and the Angels going against a respectable Braves team so the Rangers have a realistic hope of maintaining their lead through the weekend.

Mark Lowe showed why teams have given him so many chances over the last few years. If the Rangers can get more of last night's dominance (98mph with movement) then the Cliff Lee trade will be paying unexpected dividends.

Maybe Cruz can get in the Saturday game so Murphy can sit and avoid a Cliff Lee 0-fer-4.


With this moslty spare lineup this team is having to play the kind of ball warsh likes to coach, small ball, we are bunting and double stealing and working for wins.  Now I realize we do that with the big hitters in the lineup too, but we are do more of it than ever.  I am more than happy to welcome Nelson back, and I pray that a foul ball knocks a philly cheesesteak right out of Kristen Lee's mouth.  Anyone else happy to see Endy Chavez playing well, I wouldnt mind him staying up here with the big boys for a while

just sayin'
just sayin'

I'm not exactly a Rangers fan, but I really hope that they light Cliff Lee up.