The Greatest Dunk in the History of the NBA. At Least To Those of Us Who Despise Dwyane Wade.

By the way they reacted at their fog-machine introduction last summer and their tearful over-reaction last week, you'd think the Miami Heat already had won two championships this season.

But no, after last night's drubbing in Chicago they trail the Eastern Conference Finals, 1-0.

And for those of us who remember him fake falling down and then parading to the free-throw line time and time and time again in the 2006 NBA Finals, feel free to loop this Taj Gibson posterization of Dwyane Wade all friggin' day long.


People ask me where my hatred for Wade started. Jump to refresh your memory ...

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 Damnnn,they got their arse handed to them.Even Asik  was on point....  


Dwade flops more than a grannys tits, When you dont even get touched and flail like a fish out of water is when you've crossed the line.  I got no problem if you are taking a charge or get a slight shove but when no one lays a hand on you, its bitch, and bitches should get slapped, its unfortunate but it looks as if the bulls might do what I wish our mavs got to do which is punk the heat and the Bitch3


Is there a way to find out who reffed those games? It always sounds like sour grapes and the complaints of the loser when you holler about calls, but...I am not naive enough to think the NBA doesn't have a star system and a pecking order. But, Kobe didn't get all the calls. His flops in the last series didn't draw the calls the way Wade's did five years ago. Does this mean that Cuban has done his penance with the NBA and now they can allow him to win? I mean this in a figurative rather than literal sense. Much like his superstitious refusal to speak publicly at the moment, have the Mavs paid their NBA dues and now get the benefit of calls rather than them being used like a club against them?

Little Mavs do not F this up. Keep fighting right to the damn end. NO free rides.