Texas Rangers' Pitching Staff: No. 3 in the AL West

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I fully admit it, at the end of last season I was calling for C.J. Wilson to pitch Game 1 of the American League Division Series. Considering the way he'd pitched all year and the way Cliff Lee had struggled at times it made sense. Turns out both pretty pitched damn skippy in the playoffs.

Of course, come Opening Day 2011,  I never expected nor wanted manager Ron Washington to announce his No. 1 starter to be Lee Wilson.

Not that he didn't have a superb season. C.J. was a Top 10 starting pitcher in the AL last year. He won 15 games (10th in the AL), posted a 3.35 ERA (10th) and pitched 204 innings (18th) in 33 starts (fourth). He stayed healthy. He was consistent. He was, let's admit it, a No. 1 starter.

But, with Lee now in Philly, can Wilson duplicate 2010? For that matter, can Colby Lewis come close to his 2010 or, even better, his dominant playoff run?

Sure, it's possible. But after that it gets real iffy real quick in the Rangers' rotation. Brandon Webb has already been evaluated with insufficient arm strength and then there are guys like Tommy Hunter and Derek Holland and ...

Don't look now, but the Rangers' pitching staff in Surprise, Arizona may be only the third-best in their own dang division.


Jered Weaver/ Danny Haren/ Ervan Santana/ Joel Pineiro/ Scott Kazmir

When a lefty like Kazmir is your fifth starter, you know you're loaded.


Dallas Braden/ Brett Anderson/ Gio Gonzalez/ Trevor Cahill/ Brandon McCarthy

Not sexy names to casual baseball fans, but that's a nasty rotation despite the former Ranger at the tail end.


C.J. Wilson/ Colby Lewis/ Brandon Webb/ Tommy Hunter/ Derek Holland

While Wilson and Lewis are coming off excellent seasons with post-season success, Hunter couldn't get out of a fifth inning in the playoffs and Holland had an infamous walk-a-thon in Game 2 of last year's World Series.


Felix Hernandez/ Jason Vargas/ Doug Fister/ Erik Bedard/ Michael Pineda

After Cy Young winner King Felix it's a crapshoot.

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Kirkman and Scheppers are end-of-the-rotation possible experiments too (at some point if all goes haywire), and I'd imagine Feldman will get a solid chance to grab a slot again. Maybe even Harrison.

The rotation is cause for concern for sure, but not yet cause for panic. Third in the West I totally agree with.

Dollar Dog
Dollar Dog

Holland has significant upside as he matures.

The big question, other than Brandon Webb, is how much off season progress did Hunter make with his changeup? Hunter would really eat up some innings if he got that going. He had his decent numbers last year without a strikeout pitch. A good changeup could add those missing strikeouts to his game.


Interesting, but not as interesting as the latest radio ratings for RAGE. A 1.8 in M 25-54? Forget taking down the Hardline--you guys can't even catch Galloway. And, you're the lowest rated sports show on your own station--ouch.


ola b$ttheads and fake Kergo's!

This list is perfect....you sound like a real baseball man-good work.

ps-the Rangers are one hammy or bad month away from falling into #4. I'll never understand why we didn't go for ANY pitching instead of "fatty" Napoli and "contract year" Beltre. The Dutch oven is the real key here.


Very true......and we need Hunter to be that guy like Milli was a couple of years ago; a guy to eat up 225+ innings. I like Holland, and I think one day he'll be THE MAN. But this year? Also, Ceej has got to pitch 200+ again, and win atleast 13+ (I'd like to see atleast 15+).

Greggo's cocaine fueled rant
Greggo's cocaine fueled rant

I wonder if Richie remembers when Greggo declared on RAGE that they were going to kick everyones ass and be number 1. To be honest I am beginning to find the show to be listenable, not good by any means but getting better. I like Greggo, it's Richie who needs work and really needs to try to be more likeable. He seems to be going for this Russ Martinesque type radio schtick and it just isn't working. Funny, considering that for months last year Greggo would regularly bash Russ Martin and then tried to deny it at New Years when they took questions from listeners.